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Classification: definition of each job

Mainly works with and is responsible for children of any age. According to the requirements of the parents, he/she performs tasks regarding children’s presence: preparing their meals, doing their laundry, dressing them up, cleaning, walks, trips, cleaning their bedrooms/bathroom/kitchen… He/she takes part in the children’s development. If the employee performs other tasks (housework or with other members of the family), it is considered as actual work as well.

Same tasks.

Is present by a person’s side and ensures his/her physical and moral comfort.

Is present by an elderly or handicapped person’s side, ensures his/her physical and moral comfort and performs the daily housework.

Performs the daily tasks that the dependent person cannot perform him/herself, enabling him/her to continue living at home. A carer for a not-dependent elderly or disabled person can also be classified as assistant de vie 2 (level 3) if he/she holds the Certificat de Qualification Professionnelle (CQP) “assistant de vie”.

Is present by the ill person’s side and ensures his/her physical and moral comfort, excluding medical treatment.

He/she must stand close to the ill person during the night and keep ready to intervene at any time, excluding medical treatment. This job is not combinable with another day-time full-time job. The employee must remain by the ill person’s side and cannot benefit from a personal bedroom.

The employee must be qualified by a diploma or at least 5 years of professional experience. He/she can provide education and medical treatments to the children in his/her care, or ensure the total care of newborns. The relevant conditions must be stated in the employment contract.

The classification table



Housework and family jobs

Family jobs

Specific jobs


  • Less than 6 months in the profession
  • Domestic employee



Level 1

  • Performer
  • Under the employer’s responsibility
  • Domestic employee


  • Ironing

Level 2

  • Professional skills and ability to take initiative
  • Is able to be responsible (employer present or not) OR
  • Holding the Certificat d’employé familial polyvalent (recognized certificate for versatile domestic employees)
  • Domestic employee
  • Domestic employee holding the Certificat d’employé familial polyvalent
  • Carer for an elderly or disabled person
  • Domestic versatile childminder (without the CQP)
  • Lady’s or gentleman’s companion
  • Homework assistant
  • Domestic childminder (no other tasks)
  • Homme et femme toutes mains (housework versatile employee)
  • Garde partagée (childminder caring several children at the same time) (without CQP)

Level 3

  • Is able to be responsible
  • Independent
  • Professional experience


  • Holding a Certificat de qualification professionnelle (CQP) “assistant de vie” or “garde d’enfants”


  • Carer for a dependent person
  • Carer for a not-dependent elderly or disabled person + CQP
  • Domestic versatile childminder holding a CQP
  • Day carer for an ill person, excluding medical treatments
  • Qualified cook
  • Chambermaid (man or woman)
  • Employee in charge of the laundry
  • Qualified ironer
  • Private secretary
  • Garde partagée + CQP
  • Domestic childminder (no other tasks) with CQP

Level 4

  • Total responsibility
  • Total independence
  • Experience
  • Qualification
  • Domestic employee


  • Very qualified domestic employee who is in charge of the whole housework and family care
  • Night carer for an ill person excluding medical treatment


Level 5

  • Very qualified


  • Qualified versatile childminder (“nurse – gouvernante d’enfants” in French)
  • Butler
  • Driver
  • Chef (cook)
  • Bilingual private secretary


(Modified by an agreement 10 October 2002, extended by an order 16 May 2003, published in the Journal Officiel 29 May 2003)

(1) By order handed down 20 January 1998, published in the Journal Officiel 5 February 1998


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