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Reform of the congé parental (extended maternity or paternity leave) : the changes

The French Parlement handed down Wesnesday 23 July the reform of the congé parental.

Until 23 July parents could take a congé parental until the child is 3 years old (either one parent then the other, or just one parent). In fact 97% of the congé parentaux were taken by women).

Since the reform, for the children born or adopted from 1st October 2014, the congé parental will be paid during a maximum of two years and a half for the first parent and the six remaining months will only be paid if the other parent is taking the leave. Regarding a first child the leave will be paid up to one year instead of six months so far, on the condition that only the other parent benefits from the second period of six months.

This payment, currently called “complément de libre choix d’activité” (“complementary payment for free choice of an activity”) will then be called “prestation partagée d’éduction de l’enfant” (“shared allowance for the child’s education) and will not be raised as it was suggested lately.

Please note that two other measures were passed by law: fathers will benefit from judicial protection from dismissal during four weeks after the child birth or adoption and will have the opportunity to attend the three antenatal ultrasound scans.

The public’s opinion regarding these measures is mixed, and especially childminders’ profession will be impacted: if fathers –whose salaries are generally higher than mothers’- do not take their congé parental, children will have to be cared from two years and half. On the other side, men and women who become childminders during their congé parental will lose their complementary allowance from the CAF after two years and a half.

At last, a reminder that men childminders are also entitled to the congé parental.


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Monday 21 July l’Assemblée Nationale handed down a lowering of the social contribution for some private employers, as the projet de budget rectificatif de la Sécurité Sociale for 2014 was examined again.

From 1st September the current discount on social contribution for domestic employees will be raised from 0.75 euro to 1.50 euro per declared hour for the employment of domestic childminders and carers for handicapped or elderly persons.

All the domestic professions are not impacted: private classes for children, computing and internet domestic assistance, caring for pets, securing and maintaining residences and domestic administrative assistance are the professions that do not benefit from the contribution discount.

This measure was passed by law in order to raise domestic employment which has been strongly lowering these last two years.

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Sunday 15 June 2014 in Beausoleil, the Philippine associations of the PACA région celebrated the 116th anniversary of their country’s independence.

The SynAM-SPE, represented by Madame Maria Munoz, the cross-regional representative of private employees in the région Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur, who especially works for Philippine private employees of the région, attended the event.  A stand was settled to meet and inform the many private employees who were there.

Despite the bad weather we made contact with many people and some of them became members of the union.

The day ended with dances and songs, enjoying the culinary specialties of the South-Eastern Asia country.

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[Employees of private employers] 3300 CDI (unlimited term contracts) TO GET !

You are a domestic childminder, a carer for elderly or disabled persons or a housekeeper?

O2, a major company of domestic services is offering 3300 unlimited term contracts (2591 for domestic childminders, 298 for carers and 456 for housekeepers).

Prepare your resume and a cover letter and reach one of the 166 O2 agencies between 2 and 4 P.M. today, Tuesday 17 Junes 2014. To find your closest agency, CLICK HERE.

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L’Association FO de Consommateurs (FO consumers association) has 5 missions:

  1. Informing
  2. Giving advice
  3. Representing consumers
  4. Defending renters
  5. Training our militants and members

The members of the SYNAM-SPE FO automatically benefit from these services as soon as they join the union.

On 2 April, the AFOC will celebrate its 40th anniversary during an event day:

Check out the program of 2 April 2014

For further information regarding the AFOC, click here !

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A national council for human services

This page is currently in translation and will be online soon.

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